Guide to redeem your Super Gift Card or Global Gift Card

Congratulations on receiving a Super Gift Card or The Global Gift Card

Both gift cards gives you access to choose among all our brands, experiences and physical products*. Download your gift card, or have it ready in your hand, and redeem it on our website. When redeeming, you basically "exchange" your Super Gift Card and The Global Gift Card to one or more new gift cards from the brand or experience you chose. The Super Gift Card and The Global Gift Card is only usably directly on — it is not usable in stores, neither physical store nor web shops.

How to redeem your gift card in 3 simple steps:

1. Enter your value code and PIN code in the fields on this page: The amount from the value code is inserted on your balance once you register your gift card.

2. Select the gift cards or physical products* you want to redeem, or "exchange", your balance to. You have the option to choose gift cards and physical products* for a higher amount than what your balance shows. We offer free shipping on all items.

3. Complete your order. If you have chosen gift cards and physical products for a higher amount than your balance, you can pay the remaining amount in the basket.

Please note: If your code starts with "SGK-" or "POR-", then there is no need for a PIN code. Instead, leave the field blank.

* Only available in selected countries.

Need more help redeeming your gift card?
Read our full redemption guide here »

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