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Calendar gifts

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Make calendar gifts more exciting with GoGift gift cards

The month of December is a wonderful time of year, if not the best, filled with lots of coziness and wonderful traditions with friends and family. The Christmas month and its many traditions help to make the otherwise dark winter time somewhat brighter and warmer. Maybe you are one of those who have a tradition of giving or receiving calendar gifts during the month of December, so there is a nice little gift to stand up to every day? It can be hard to keep coming up with great calendar gifts every year, so if you need a little extra inspiration on how to make something different out of calendar gifts, then we can help you here at GoGift. We have lots of gift cards that will be great, as either a separate calendar gift, or as gift cards that can be combined and used on one big thing in the end.

For example, you can give the recipient of calendar gifts the Super Gift Card, which allows the recipient to choose between all the gift cards from our many partners. If you give several of these gift cards during December, he or she can then choose to use them separately or combine them into one nice thing. When you order a gift card from GoGift, we are happy to wrap the gift so you do not have to worry about it. If it is at the last minute that the calendar gifts are in order, we will also deliver the gift card immediately by e-mail or text message. Then just print it out and wrap it yourself.

Fun gifts for the christmas calendar

If you have children and would like to give different gifts every day, then we also have a selection of gift cards that will fit perfectly for a smaller gift. And if you give several of the same gift card, then the recipient still has the option to combine his calendar gifts into one slightly larger gift. If you are looking for good individual gift cards, then you can, for example, choose a gift card for H&M, which always has lots of smart clothes and accessories at good prices for both girls and boys. Then the person might use the gift card to get a handle on the New Year's outfit or the smart shoes for Christmas Eve. You can also give a gift card to Normal, where you can find completely normal items at quite abnormal prices. Here you can find good items at good prices. Or how about a gift card for IKEA, where the recipient can find everything he or she needs for the home or room. There are many options when it comes to finding great calendar gifts.

Calendar gifts for your partner

Many couples choose to surprise each other with sweet and romantic calendar gifts, to add a little extra coziness to the Christmas month. But it can be a little difficult to find some good calendar gifts for adults that are other than chocolate or a pair of boring cotton socks, but which also do not cost too much. After all, quite a lot must be given if you intend to give gifts every 24 days. However, it will be an expensive affair if you give many gift cards, but still consider surprising a little extra one of the days with a gift card from GoGift.

No matter what your girlfriend is interested in, we are sure you can find something he or she will appreciate. We have gift cards for the person who loves food and wine, sports and adventure, cultural experiences, interior design, fashion, electronics and much more. An obvious calendar gift for your girlfriend will be an experience that includes yourself. Therefore, consider giving a delicious dinner to your girlfriend, a romantic weekend getaway or something completely different.

Calendar gifts for Advent

If, in addition to calendar gifts, you also give a slightly larger gift on the four Sundays of Advent, then this is also an obvious opportunity to choose to give a gift card. When the budget is a little bigger, there are lots of gift cards that allow the recipient to find a nice gift. For example, you can give a gift card to Matas, where the recipient can treat themselves to delicious products for face and body. You can also give a gift card to Just-Eat so that the person can get a good round of take away on a day when there is no surplus to shop and make dinner.

No matter which calendar gift you choose to go with, it is incredibly easy to buy gift cards from us. Simply select the amount, delivery date and delivery method and enter contact information, and then you can choose to receive the gift card immediately via e-mail or SMS. We will also be happy to pack it for you, and then we will send it by post, which means you will have to wait a few days to receive it.

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