Confirmation gifts

Confirmation gifts

A selection of our gifts

This year's confirmation gift is a Super Gift Card from GoGift

When the confirmand's big day begins, it's about having the right confirmation gift with you. The gift can be many things, but is often a little bigger than on other occasions, as the confirmation marks the confirmand's entry into the ranks of the adults. Although there are many who believe that you become an adult once you have been confirmed, it is rare that the parents completely agree on that front. However, it is a tradition that the confirmation is marked with a party where the guests come with beautiful gifts. For the girls, the girls often have things like designer jewelery, clothes and bags as well as contacts or grants for travel, while the boys have wishes such as a computer, PlayStation, action experiences, money, etc.

Three good reasons to choose a gift card as a confirmation gift

- Large selection of unique experiences

- Countless gift ideas to choose from

- Guarantee that the gift will not be exchanged, even if the confirmand receives several gift cards

With a gift card in your pocket, your confirmand chooses what to spend it on. With school, homework and friends, it can be difficult to take the initiative to do much else, but with a gift card for a special event or experience, it suddenly becomes just a matter of choosing a good date. It can also be a great way for the confirmand to try something completely new. For example, the person can go to a show, a football match or spend the weekend on a wellness stay in a more relaxing environment.

With a gift card, it is not difficult to find something to do, and our large selection of unique gift solutions gives you many to choose from.

What can we offer?

When you need to choose the right gift card for your confirmand, you can be inspired by our many options. We offer everything from gift cards to local shops to exciting hotel stays. Especially for confirmands, we especially offer our popular Super Gift Card and experience gifts. On this page, you will find inspiration for good confirmation gifts, each of which offers a choice of exciting experiences, whatever it is food, action, theater, electronics or something completely different that the confirmand is interested in.

Super Gift Card as a gift to the confirmand

Whatever the confirmant wants one or the other, the Super Gift Cardis always the perfect gift - it's easy for you and you avoid the money being spent on aunt and uncle, but make sure that it is spent on something that receives will benefit from for many years.

The Super Gift Card can be redeemed for all our partners and if the confirmand gets more, they can be assembled into a large gift card, so that the computer or designer bag can be purchased from one of our partners. The Super Gift Card is for everyone regardless of gender, age and interest, and that is precisely why it is a good idea for the confirmand, who definitely has a clear idea of what he or she wants. You probably know for yourself how difficult it can be to accept a gift you did not want. Therefore, do not have to put the poor young confirmand in the same situation, but secure your joy and excitement with the right gift card.

Experience gifts as a confirmation gift

As a confirmand, there is never a shortage of energy, and if you choose to send your confirmand on an adventure trip, you are guaranteed a unique and eventful gift that will create memories for the life of the dear confirmand.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to accelerate at 300 km / h in a split second in the fully equipped Formula 1 simulator, or feel the rush in your stomach as the F-16 cuts through the clouds in the equally realistic flight simulator. You decide for yourself whether it should be an experience at a high pace, or whether the gift should be used for a cozy cinema trip with everything included, tickets to a concert or a nice evening at a delicious restaurant.

Fast delivery with GoGift

day to day, and where we like to pack it nicely for you in advance. You can also choose delivery as an e-gift card by SMS or e-mail. With this solution, you will receive the gift card within a few minutes, and the gift card has a long validity of a full 3 years. So whether you are in good time or buying the confirmation gift at the last minute, we make sure that the gift reaches the big day, so the confirmation will be absolutely perfect.

Should you be in doubt about something regarding some of our gift cards, our conditions or something completely different, then of course there is help to be found. You can contact us at any time, and we will do our best to answer your questions and help you with your purchase.

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