Copper wedding gift

Copper wedding gift

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Most wedding anniversaries are reserved for the couple themselves, but to mark and celebrate the long life together, there is a tradition of celebrating special anniversaries. Silver weddings are a well-known tradition after 25 years of marriage, but why not also celebrate when you have reached halfway there? It is at the age of 12½ that the copper wedding is celebrated, and it is thus the first of a total of three major wedding days. It is said that the silver wedding tradition was invented in the Netherlands, while the copper wedding is of Danish invention.

If the copper wedding is to be held in the traditional way, it requires an honorary sport, morning coffee, music and garlands of spruce. In Jutland, the tradition has been further expanded, as in some places it is common for the copper wedding couple to be woken up at night with noise from pot lids and lots of singing. While there are indications that the copper wedding tradition is on its way out, of course, do not be fooled by a lot of exciting inspiration for the perfect copper wedding gift right here. Dive into this page and get smarter.

Find a gift for a copper wedding at GoGift

There can be many different paths to take when it comes to finding a copper wedding gift. One thing that is certain, however, is that it should be a gift that both parties benefit equally from. It is therefore of no use to buy a gift card for any electronics if it is only for the benefit of the man. In return, there are many good reasons why you should give the couple a gift card. With a gift card, the couple does not have to receive more of the same thing, and instead they can together choose what they want. Whatever you are considering for the copper wedding couple, there is ample opportunity to find it here. We offer Denmark's largest selection of gift cards, and it is difficult not to be tempted by the many different offers for copper wedding gifts here.

We have gift cards for the couple who love gastronomy, but also for those who love action experiences, wellness, fashion and decor and much more.

Send the couple on a weekend getaway

When you have a copper wedding, it means that you have been married for many years. Therefore, it may also be that the couple has come to a place where it is not quality time and alone time that is given the highest priority. If there are children involved, the chances are even smaller, but if you give them a gift card for a weekend stay, they are forced to leave - and that is something they will definitely appreciate. With our weekend gift card, the couple decides for themselves where the trip should go. You can choose from more than 100 hotels, inns and castles around the country, and here there is a guarantee of idyllic surroundings and plenty of time to immerse yourself in each other. Please note that this gift card is only sent physically by post, and that you must therefore be out well in advance before you need to use it.

Should there be a little more luxury over the weekend stay, you can consider our hotel and wellness gift card. Then the couple not only gets a much-needed break from everyday life, but the weekend also offers delicious spa experiences, pampering and well-being.

Gourmet gifts for copper weddings

If you know the couple who really just appreciate good food and a good glass of wine there, then you should consider giving a gift card for a gastronomic experience. At GoGift, we offer both gift cards for restaurants and cafés, but also for wine tasting, beer tasting and much more. For example, you can choose a unique gift card for Winemakers Dinner, where the couple is offered both world-class food and drink. The event takes place in several different places around the country, and thus there should definitely be a place near where the copper wedding couple lives.

If it is more of a delicious brunch that will fall into good soil, you can find both a brunch gift card and a luxury brunch gift card here with us. This combination of breakfast and lunch offers both delicious bread with cold cuts, eggs and bacon, various yoghurts, pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and freshly squeezed juices in a wealth of tasty variations. No matter which gift card you choose to give to the couple, you can easily and quickly order it at home - and this is especially an advantage for you who are always out at the last minute. At GoGift, you usually choose which amount the gift card should consist of. Then you choose whether we should send it to you physically or by post. SMS or email. We are happy to pack the gift card for you, but in that case you should expect a few days delivery time. To personalize the gift, you can choose to add a personal greeting or put a picture on the card and thus there will not be an eye dry when the copper wedding couple opens your gift.

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