Fathers day

Fathers day

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This year's gift for Father's Day

On Father's Day, of course, your father should be pampered and appreciated, and there are many ways to do that. Not all men will appreciate a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. Men often want something a little more tangible and practical. A gift card will be available to all fathers, whatever he is a connoisseur, handyman, golfer, loves adrenaline or just likes the great freedom of choice that the gift card gives to that degree. We have gift cards for pretty much everything and only the imagination sets limits. If the choice falls on our Super Gift Card, your father can choose for himself.

Three tips for the right gift card:

- Choose something he does not expect
- Think of his past desires
- Consider whether it should be an event

It can be hard to come up with a good gift for your dad, and often the wish lands on the same as last year. Equipped with a gift card, whatever it is for a store or experience, you give your dad the opportunity to try something new. Few people buy socks for themselves. A gift card is a great way to pamper your dad with a gift that he will cherish for a long time.

Of course, when deciding on a gift card, you can consider what he himself would have chosen, but you can also surprise him with a gift card for something he might never have invented himself. A gift card for a new pair of running shoes would be obvious for the active, but a trip to the golf course could be a fun alternative and at the same time be something you could do together. Whatever you have in mind, you will always find the perfect gift card in our large selection at GoGift.

What can we offer?

At GoGift, we help you find the perfect gift for Father's Day, and our many gift solutions give you a sea of options, no matter how you choose to surprise your father. It is easy and fast to buy the gift card here with us. All you have to do is enter the amount of the gift card, select the delivery date and form, and enter the email address to which the gift card should be delivered. Then it is delivered in quite a few seconds, and in some cases it is sent by post. You therefore quickly buy the perfect Father's Day gift from us.

Buy your dad's gift here

With a classic gift card, you choose where your father will find the gift. The gift card can be used online and in both local stores and large chains. You will find brands such as INTERSPORT, Imerco, XL Byg, and Tøjeksperten, where your father can choose for himself, regardless of whether he is interested in clothes, tools, sports or something completely different.

Choose the popular Super Gift Card

If you are still in doubt about what to give your father, then a Super Gift Card makes it simple. This solution makes it possible to choose freely between over 150 stores, brands, chains and experiences. If he receives several of these gift cards, they can be combined with each other and give access to even larger gifts. So you decide the amount and he chooses where to spend it. A Super Gift Card is a really good idea for Father's Day gift if you want to appreciate your father extra much this year.

Experience gifts

Should it be extra special, our experience gifts guarantee a unique and very special gift. Play caddy for a day, and help lower the handicap on the golf course, or leave the program on an all-inclusive cinema trip. With an experience gift, your father gets a gift that he will appreciate, and we have a large selection of exciting and fun activities that he will love. With great advantage, you can also consider an experience gift for your father, where it is not only your father who gets one on the experience. Choose an experience gift card that allows you to have some quality time together. Then you can create memories that you will both remember forever.

Remember to enclose a free greeting card with, for example, a picture of you and your father and an optional text, just as we are happy to wrap the gift if you wish. We deliver day to day via PostNord, as well as here and now via SMS and e-mail, so even if you are out late, it is never too late to appreciate your father on Father's Day. Father's Day should be celebrated with a special gift for your father. Remember Father's Day on June 5th. If you are in doubt about anything regarding our many gift cards or the conditions around the same, do not wait to contact us. We are ready to elaborate on your questions and we look forward to helping you along the way.

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