Gift for 1-year-old

Gift for 1-year-old

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If you are going to a 1-year-old birthday soon, in many ways it can be both an easy and a difficult task to find the right gift. A child of 1 year is not at all really aware of what a birthday really is, and the child is often more or less indifferent to what gifts are being wrapped up. However, that does not mean that it does not matter what you come up with. Both around the birth and the baptism, the child has most likely been given hundreds of things and cases, and the parents are probably getting tired of not having enough space for all the toys at home. But it's also boring to give clothes, right? At least it's something the child does not appreciate at all at that age.

At the age of 1, there is full speed ahead for the small sizes. The child is in the process of getting up on two legs and walking, and this results in the whole world having to start exploring. 1-year-olds will constantly touch and taste everything, and that is a quite natural part of development, but it also places some demands on the toy.

Find the right gift for a 1-year-old

Despite the fact that there are some things you might prefer to give than others when you go for a 1-year birthday, there are a lot of options when it comes to young children. At that age, it can even be exciting just to be allowed to play with the gift wrap and gift ribbon. It is the fewest children who at the age of 1 year have already formed some special interests, and therefore it can be difficult to buy a gift based on that. However, most young children go through a phase where teddy bears and dolls are a huge hit and can therefore be an option.

At GoGift, you can advantageously buy a gift card for eg BabySam or Ønskebørn. With a gift card for that, the proud parents can be allowed to choose what the child should have. They know exactly what the child is missing, and if he or she does not need anything right now, the gift card can be saved.

Give a gift card as a birthday present

When you can not decide what to give as a gift to a 1-year-old, you can find the answer at GoGift. Here you can buy a gift card that will fall into good soil, and which not least the parents will be happy to receive for the child. You can choose to give a gift card to H&M, which is an incredibly popular store and webshop that sells clothes for children at favorable prices. Then the parents can find the junior's new winter jacket in peace, or perhaps the first trip with the child is approaching, and he or she therefore needs some swimwear.

It could also be that a gift card to Jesperhus Blomsterpark will be a hit. Wonderful experiences await here for both large and small, because the park offers much more than just flowers. It may be that the child as a 1-year-old is a little too small to get much out of such an experience, but fortunately this gift card can be stored for up to 5 years. The same is true (almost) if you buy a gift card for the mention LEGO HOUSE. Unique experiences await here for curious and childish souls, where you can dive into more than 80 years of history around LEGO - and this gift card is valid for 3 years.

Select the Super Gift Card

We know it can be hard to find a good gift, especially for small children who usually have everything in advance. That is why we have developed the Super Gift Card, which is your salvation when you are completely on bare bottom. With the Super Gift Card, you give parents the opportunity to choose freely on all shelves among all our gift cards. Then they can choose for themselves whether the child should have new outerwear, toys, or it is a special experience that the money should be spent on. When you order a Super Gift Card, you choose the amount yourself in advance. Then you select the delivery date and form, after which you enter your information. Please note that you can choose delivery per. SMS or email. This means that you get the gift card delivered on the same. You can also choose to have it packed with us, but then you should expect a few delivery days.

At GoGift, we have something for everyone, and although it is not necessarily easy to find a gift for a 1-year-old, we give you some good offers on this page.

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