Graduation gift

Graduation gift

A selection of our gifts

This year's graduation gift is a Super Gift Card

For many, the rounding off of student life means that it's time to move away from home. Gifts for the kitchen and living room are absolutely perfect for a new student who does not own much of that kind in advance. But often you end up buying something that they have already received from others. With a gift card, you are sure that your gift will be used, that it will not go back on the gift table, and that the student is free to choose what he or she is missing.

Three reasons to give the student a gift card

- They get something they are guaranteed to use and are happy with

- Many choices among a multitude of categories

- A unique gift that does not need to be exchanged

For many, the end of education is only the beginning of a new one. The teachers are replaced with associate professors and professors, and the books become heavier and more expensive, while the exams become more intense. The many tasks are solved a little easier with good equipment, and with a gift card for a new computer, you equip your student for proper homework and note writing.

The start of a new education or a job gives a lot of new impressions, and the first time as an outsider can be exhausting, especially with the long lectures. A gift card for a trip to the cinema or a visit to a local coffee shop can be a nice break from heavy books - it can be difficult to take the initiative even when time and profits are in deficit.

As a graduate student, many choose to travel for a while before starting their studies or starting work. One last help for the trip, through one of our gift cards, gives them an extra grant and could be a great encouragement to get going.

What can we offer of graduation gifts?

At GoGift, we offer the largest selection of gift cards for everything from local shops to exciting experiences. Find inspiration for your gift here, and dive into a world of delicious gifts and experiences for students. Whether a student is a boy or a girl, you can indulge in good gift cards here with us. If you know that the student loves home decor or fashion clothes, then choose a gift card for a specific store or webshop. It may also be that he or she loves experiences where there is speed across the field, and in that case it is obvious to choose an experience gift card.

Select the Super Gift Card

Give the newly hatched student a Super Gift card as a student gift and be sure that the gift will be appreciated. It can be redeemed for over 150 different store chains and experiences, so there is something for everyone. It is a good way to give freedom of choice, but without giving a cash amount, which is a slightly impersonal gift and which you never know what will be used for. The card can be used by girls as well as boys, and we have lots of shops and chains targeted at young people, and the Super Gift card is therefore the right choice. Our Super Gift Card is also frequently bought for companies, as it is precisely a gift that all employees will be happy with - and therefore we are also sure that a young and newly hatched student will be happy about it.

Experience gifts are always a hit

Give your student a proper start in adulthood, and send him or her off on an experience they will love. Our adventure tours are completely unique and guarantee a great gift, whichever you choose.

We offer experience gift cards for specific stays around the country, but you can also choose to give a gift card to eg Spies, where the recipient can choose where the trip should go and what else it should offer in terms of experiences. For those interested in art and culture, we also have gift cards for, for example, the Royal Theater, or maybe a tour of Danish Film Tax will be a hit?

Stretch your laughter muscles in Denmark's largest comedy club, or find peace in a relaxing wellness stay with one of our 100 selected wellness providers in the country. See the many possibilities here and give your student an experience that will be appreciated and remembered forever.

Delivery with GoGift

At GoGift, we offer physical delivery, where the student gift is delivered by post from day to day, as well as e-gift cards for delivery by SMS or e-mail within just a few minutes. The gift card has in most cases a long validity of 3 years. So whether you are in good time or buying this year's student gift at the last minute, we make sure to get the student gift on time. When delivering mail, we can of course help with a nice wrapping for the student gift, just as we like to provide a nice greeting card, if you just write the text, so you practically do not have to touch a finger - but still want to impress. Find gifts for students at GoGift. If you have questions or need help, you are always welcome to contact us.

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