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Mobile gift card

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Find a great last minute gift with a mobile gift card

It happens to most of us that once in a while we have completely sweated out that we should have bought a birthday present for grandma or boyfriend. It can be quite a task to find a good gift at the very last minute, and often you end up with a slightly desperate solution, which is not the gift you would really like to have given. If you sometimes forget to get a handle on the gifts, whether it is for a birthday, Christmas or wedding, we are ready to help you at GoGift. If you are about to leave empty-handed for your birthday, you can order a mobile gift card from GoGift, which you will immediately receive on your mobile. Then you are sure to never show up without a gift.

If you do not know what the recipient wants most, then you can give them a mobile gift card for the Super Gift Card, which gives the recipient the opportunity to choose between all the gift cards from our many partners. Here he or she can choose from a lot of good shops, brands and exciting experiences. At GoGift, we have gift cards for every taste, so you can be absolutely sure that the recipient will be happy with his gift.

Large selection of exciting experiences

If you know that the recipient loves to go out and have a lot of good experiences, then at GoGift we have lots of mobile gift cards that will fit perfectly, so you are ready to give the right gift, even if it is at the last minute. For example, you can delight the recipient with a gift card to Louisiana, where he or she can be inspired by fantastic exhibitions featuring some of the best modern art in Scandinavia. You can also give a gift card to Spies if you want to delight the bride and groom with a grant for a wonderful sun holiday or an exciting city break. There are many options, so it's just a matter of taking a closer look at our entire range of experiences.

Mobile gift card for fashion and beauty

If you need to quickly find the perfect gift for the person who goes up in fashion and beauty, then you will also find a large selection of mobile gift cards at GoGift. For example, you can pamper the recipient with a gift card for Matas, where he or she can find many wonderful products for personal care and much more. If it's more the clothes racks that draw in the recipient, give them a gift card to Magasin, where they can always find the latest collections from some of the best designer brands. So there are really good opportunities to give a nice gift to the recipient who deserves a good gift, even if you find the gift at the last minute and receive it as a mobile gift card.

If you are out for a little better time, we also deliver physical gift cards in your mailbox. We have day-to-day delivery, and if you need it, we are also happy to wrap the gift card nicely. So it's just a matter of looking at our large selection of gift cards so you can delight the recipient with the perfect gift.

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