Personalized gifts for him

Personalized gifts for him

A selection of our gifts

If you have set out in search of a personal gift for the person you care about, find a specific gift card here with us. With a gift card from here, he gets the opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime, and it therefore does not have to be boring or impersonal to give him a gift card. In addition, with our gift card you can attach a cute picture or a greeting, so it becomes extra clear to him that you have made something out of it, and have really put some thought behind the gift.

At GoGift, you can choose from 150 different gift cards for both physical stores, webshops, restaurants and exciting experiences. We therefore want to guarantee that we have something that falls in the taste of the boyfriend, friend, father or brother, so give yourself plenty of time to dive into the unique opportunities to give a personal gift here with us.

Find the perfect personalized gift for him

If you have no idea what he wants from you, it can be a difficult task to find the perfect gift that is personal at the same time. For this, we always recommend our Super Gift Card. This gift card gives him free choice on all shelves among as many as 150 different options. Thus, he can decide for himself whether the gift card should be redeemed for a delicious dinner, gastronomy, electronics, an action experience, a weekend stay or whatever he wants. We have something for men of all ages, no matter what the interest may be, and it is your guarantee that the Super Gift Card will fall into good soil.

If you want the gift to be a little more specific, you can choose one of our popular themed gift cards, or a gift card for a specific store or experience. Maybe you know that he will appreciate a few days away from everyday life, and in that case, our weekend gift card is an obvious gift. With this gift card, the lucky recipient can choose from a wealth of hotels, inns and castles around the country. Here there is a guarantee of cosiness and relaxation, and maybe you are even lucky enough to be invited along.

Great gifts for the do-it-yourself man

Do you know a really do-it-yourself man who would love to expand the tool collection or buy new equipment for the ongoing project at home, then you have come to the right place. At GoGift you can find gift cards for various construction markets, where it is possible to buy everything from building materials in the form of wood, concrete etc. for tool sets, garden furniture, electricity and lighting, paint and much more. A gift card for BAUHAUS is therefore the perfect gift for him who wants to make everything himself.

Even in those homes where no one rules do-it-yourself man or woman, it can be convenient to have access to a bit of tools. With a single hammer and some screwdrivers, you can get really far when it comes to hanging a picture or assembling a piece of furniture at home. In addition to BAUHAUS, you can also find gift cards for SILVAN and XL-Build, and thus you can choose for yourself what the lucky gentleman should enjoy, as well as what amount he may buy for.

Action experiences for him

Many men appreciate experiences where there is speed across the field and where the adrenaline can be felt throughout the body. And that is, in fact, regardless of age. Both children, young people and the elderly can rarely get enough of this kind, and it therefore makes it obvious to buy a personal gift in the form of an action experience. With GoGift, you can send him off on a sea kayak trip or a round of kitesurfing, which is the perfect gift for him who loves water sports. Should there be speed, literally, is it perhaps more a gift card for a Formula 1 event that will suit the right taste, or what about a helicopter ride across the streets of Copenhagen? No matter what sports or action experience you choose to give him, there is a guarantee that he will have an experience of a lifetime, and maybe you are lucky enough to be invited along.

Here with us, it is incredibly easy to order a personal gift card. Often you choose the amount in advance, and then you have to choose the delivery form and date. We are happy to wrap the gift for you, but in that case you should expect a few days delivery time. Do you choose delivery per. SMS or e-mail, the gift card will be sent to you immediately - which is especially an advantage for you who are always out at the last minute.

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