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Promotional Gifts

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Different promotional gifts

If you are looking for great promotional gifts that really make an impression on the recipient, then we have a wide selection of gift cards at GoGift that are sure to fall into good soil. Most people have guaranteed to try to get the classic pen, coffee cup or key ring with the logo as a gift. Things that quickly end up being forgotten in a drawer and never used. So why not do something a little out of the ordinary that will truly delight your customers. If you choose to give a gift card as a promotional gift, the recipient will receive a gift that can be used for something and that will remind them of your company every time they use the gift.

There are several benefits to choosing promotional gifts, and many companies use it as part of their marketing. At the same time, it can be an obvious way to show customers that you value them - and who will not be happy about it?

Choose the Super Gift Card

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right gift card for promotional gift. For example, you can choose to give customers the Super Gift card, which allows them to choose between all gift cards and gifts at GoGift. It is more than 150 store chains, exciting experiences and physical products from well-known brands. The Super Gift Card is an obvious option for choosing a general gift card that can be used for all your customers. Here you can also easily choose the gift card in several price ranges, so you can choose the right amount, depending on the recipient.

If the gift card needs to be even more personal, you can also choose from all our many gift cards. Below you can be inspired by great deals on gift cards that are going to be perfect as promotional gifts, regardless of budget.

Gift Cards as small promotional gifts

There are many different options when it comes to finding a great gift card for a promotional gift. If you are looking for a promotional gift that is not too expensive, then we have a wide selection of gift cards at GoGift that will give the recipient the opportunity to get a nice gift within the budget. For example, you can choose a gift card for H&M, which has lots of fashion and accessories at good prices for both men, women and children, as well as a selection of smart home accessories.

Another option is to give a gift card to Magasin, where the recipient can choose from almost everything the heart desires in fashion, beauty and decor.

Gift Cards as larger promotional gifts

If you want to give the customer a very special promotional gift, we also have many good options for gift cards in the slightly higher price range. If it really has to be luxury, you can, for example, choose the weekend gift card. This gift card allows the recipient to freely choose from more than 100 cozy hotels, inns and castles across the country. Here, relaxation and coziness await beyond the usual, and it is a perfect break from the boring everyday life in the company of someone you care about.

Should the gift card result in extra pampering for the recipient, you can also choose to give the wellness gift card, which gives access to 100 selected wellness providers across the country, where the recipient can choose between everything from beauty care and hairdressers to massage and active exercise wellness. It is an obvious gift for life-lovers who only too rarely prioritize true self-indulgence. You can also give away the café and restaurant gift card, which will fall in good taste with all recipients who appreciate a juicy steak, a burger or a 3-course menu. Here the recipient can choose between cozy cafes and quality restaurants, where he or she can enjoy a nice meal. Whatever you are looking for in a promotional gift, there are good opportunities to find the right gift at GoGift, so dive into our large selection today and find the right gift.

Electronics, books and construction markets

Do not forget that at GoGift you can also buy fantastic gift cards for electronics, books and DIY stores. Consider, for example, Elgiganten, where it is possible to find all kinds of electronic equipment from computers and tablets to white goods, headphones, heart rate monitors, and smart gadgets galore. It may also be that a gift card for Bog & Idé will be a good decision, and last but not least, our gift card for the popular DIY stores such as SILVAN and BAUHAUS must be mentioned. With a gift card for one of the latter, it is really possible to delight do-it-yourselfers who do not mind taking care of themselves at home.

Whichever gift card you choose, ordering it at home is quick and easy. Via a few clicks, you choose the amount yourself, after which you can choose to let it land in your email inbox in a few seconds. We are also happy to pack it for you, but then you should expect a few days delivery time.

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