Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts

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When love is finally established and fidelity has become sacred, the bride and groom must be sent off to their new life together. The gift table is covered with beautiful gifts in all sizes and shapes, but often it ends up that the same gift goes again a few times. Often because there are a lot of guests invited, and only half as many wishes expressed by the bride and groom. With a gift card, you can fulfill the entire wish list and prevent the couple from going home with the same gift more than once. It is the perfect solution, and at GoGift we have so many options that you are guaranteed to be able to find a gift card that will appeal to the bride and groom. Not only that, it is also incredibly easy for you to buy the gift card right here. You can order it at home via a few clicks, and in many cases you can choose to have it delivered to your e-mail in a few seconds.

Three good reasons to give a gift card to the bridal couple

- The bride and groom avoid the same gifts

- The couple can together choose a unique thing or experience

- GoGift has a wealth of options

Life alone is over, and marriage means the space becomes somewhat smaller. The living room needs a larger sofa, and suddenly there are two about to do the dishes, thankfully. The new twosome requires getting used to, but with control of the home, it all goes much easier. A gift card for a home store gives the bride and groom a great start, and lets them choose what they need so that they can jointly decorate their new home.

Once everything is in place and everyday life has started again, it becomes easy to dream back to the honeymoon. Work and housekeeping make time fly by, and it can be difficult to find time for much else. A wedding gift that gives rise to a cozy weekend together in a relaxing environment, allows the couple to have peace and profit for each other, and with a gift card for a weekend stay in wellness or at a hotel, the honeymoon can continue a little longer.

For many, the wedding is also the beginning of a family. The office gets pang color and the desk is replaced with a crib. Whatever it is in the plans or not, a gift card for maternity gifts can also be a fun encouragement.

What can we offer of wedding gifts?

Whatever you have in mind, you will find it at GoGift. We have Denmark's largest selection of gift cards, and it is easy to be inspired by our many options. On this page, you will find inspiration for good wedding gift ideas that add up to a sea of exciting experiences, whether it is gastronomy, action, theater or something completely different that the couple is interested in. Do you know that the couple will be missing something new for their shared home, then you can also find a wealth of gift cards for specific brands, stores and webshops.

Super Gift Card as a wedding gift

At GoGift, we offer the perfect wedding gift that never has to be exchanged, because the couple gets more of the same things, as is often the case for weddings. A Super Gift Card can be redeemed for over 150 different stores and store chains across the country, and the bride and groom can thus choose what it should be redeemed for.

If they receive more than one Super Gift Card as a Wedding Gift, they can combine it into a large gift card so that one of their slightly larger wishes can be fulfilled - perhaps use it as a contribution to a trip, weekend trip, wellness stay, or whatever else be on the wish list. With more gift cards, the possibilities only get more and bigger, so Super Gift Card will definitely always fall into good soil as a wedding gift.

Choose an experience gift as a wedding gift

Send the newlyweds away on an extended honeymoon and let the magic last a little longer, or invite them to a romantic dinner for two at a delicious restaurant. With a unique experience gift, you are sure that the bride and groom will have a unique trip in the sign of love. See the many options here. We offer experience gifts in the form of both various stays in and outside Denmark, action and sports adventures that let the adrenaline pump and the pulse come up completely, various theater and cinema experiences, as well as a wealth of other good things.

Easy delivery with GoGift

A gift card as a wedding gift lets the bride and groom choose something they can use, and you can make the wedding gift more personal by writing a personal greeting card with a private photo, or using one of our standard photos. Then we print it and send it together with the gift card - free of charge. If it needs to be wrapped, a beautiful silver envelope can be ordered, so all you have to do for the wedding is remember to bring the envelope with the gift card and greeting. Orders with physical delivery are sent day to day by A-post via Post Danmark. If you are a little late with the wedding gift, we also deliver per. email and SMS instantly.

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