Congratulations on your gift card from GoGift!

How to redeem your gift card in 3 simple steps:

1. Enter your value code and PIN code in the fields below. The amount from the value code is inserted on your balance.

2. Find one or more gift card(s) you want to redeem your balance for. You have the option to choose gift cards for a higher amount than what your balance shows.

3. Complete your order.. If you have chosen a gift card for a higher amount than your balance, you can pay the remaining amount in the basket.

Please note: If your code starts with "SGK-" or "POR-", then there is no need for a PIN code. Instead, leave the field blank. Use only one hyphen in the code, e.g., "SGK-ABCDEFGH".

Need more help redeeming your gift card?
Find our guide here.

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