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What can we offer?

Is your company in need of the best employee gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts or somehting else? Then you've come to the right place!

GoGift is the leading gift provider in the Nordics, delivering customisable gift solutions and gift cards. We have 9.000 business cilents around the World, and each day we help them with gifts of any kind. We offer unique gift solutions for companies for all occasions and sizes and recipients.

Flexible Delivery

We deliver your gift cards digitally by e-mail, phone message, csv or even API integrations. GoGift handles everything in regards to the delivery.

Free invoice service

We make it easy for you and your company — payment by invoice. You will also get an overview of your order history, as well as place orders by yourself.

GoGift is an innovative gifting company with a global reach. GoGift is owned by Egmont – a leading media group with activities in 30 countries.