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Email gift card

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Receive the gift card immediately with an email gift card

Sometimes you may need to choose a gift that the recipient can get right away. If you have been late with the Christmas gift shopping, or it is a quick impression that you would like to do something special for the recipient today, then you can with an e-mail gift card from GoGift delight him or her with a gift card that they receive immediately on their mail. And then the gift card is immediately ready to be used.

However, you also have the option of scheduling delivery if there is a specific day you would like to gift the gift card to the recipient. Maybe there is a special occasion where you want to surprise the person?

Personalize the gift card

A gift card can easily be as personal as the gift you go out and buy in a store. When you choose an e-mail gift card at GoGift, you have the opportunity to enclose a personal greeting, so that the recipient can clearly see the consideration behind the choice of gift card. For example, you can choose to add both a picture and a video greeting so that the recipient really feels appreciated.

A gift card with an accompanying video greeting can be the obvious choice if you do not have the opportunity to attend the birthday or the special occasion. And here you have the opportunity to plan which day the recipient should have his gift card with a personal greeting, so that it comes on the birthday, even if you are not there yourself.

Large selection of gift cards

There are many options for finding the perfect gift card at GoGift. We have a large selection of gift cards for every taste, regardless of age and interests. If you are looking for a gift card that will appeal to everyone, then you should choose the Super Gift Card. This gift card gives the recipient the opportunity to freely choose between all gifts and gift cards at GoGift. There are more than 150 store chains, experience gifts and products from well-known brands!

The Super Gift Card will also be the obvious choice as a corporate gift, whether you are looking for the Christmas gift for employees, customer gifts or something completely different. Our team is always ready to find the right solution for your business.

Choose a gift that the recipient will be happy with

The advantage of choosing a gift card is that you are pretty much always sure that the recipient will be happy with his or her gift because he or she has the opportunity to choose the right thing. Whether you choose to give a gift card to a store like Magasin or a gift card for an experience such as a café visit, the recipient has the opportunity to choose exactly what the gift card is to be used for.

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