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Gift cards and gifts

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The digital age is upon us and the classic way we have been giving gifts for centuries is changing, just as what we are giving away is also changing. It is no longer expected that we have spent hours finding a gift that may still need to be exchanged if the recipient has received several of the same gift. With a gift card, you avoid this and the recipient has the freedom to choose exactly what he or she needs. Almost whatever you want to give a gift card to, GoGift meets your needs and it all happens easily and securely via the Internet.

GoGift is at the forefront of developing and improving the digital world within gifts and gift solutions and is constantly working to get more and more suppliers to deliver digitally, so that as many gift cards as possible can be delivered electronically via email and text message. Of course, you also always have the option of having it sent physically by mail directly to your residence or workplace, so that you do not have to spend time going out and buying or picking up a gift.

With our Super Gift Card you get access to it all! It can be redeemed for all our over 150 different suppliers across the country and thus gives the recipient great freedom of choice. Make it personal with a greeting whether it is delivered via sms, email or regular mail and attach a picture from your computer or facebook. Follow the development and present a gift card as a gift - it is easy, safe, fast and creates great joy for the recipient!

GoGift is an innovative gifting company with a global reach. GoGift is owned by Egmont – a leading media group with activities in 30 countries.