SMS gift card

SMS gift card

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Choose a SMS gift card that can be used immediately

If you need a gift card that can be given to the recipient immediately, then our SMS gift card will be the perfect choice for you. You can choose to send these gift cards directly to the recipient's phone, so that the card is immediately ready for use. It is perfect if you are out at the last minute to find the right gift.

But with our SMS gift card, you also have the option of choosing a later delivery time if there is a specific day you would like to please the recipient. This way, you can even time when the recipient should receive his gift card directly on the phone and can use it.

Smart SMS gift cards

At GoGift, we have a wide selection of gift cards that can be received on the phone. This makes it super easy both for you and for the recipient, because the recipient himself gets the gift card delivered immediately. Then you are sure that the recipient will receive the gift card on his birthday. It could also be that there is a special occasion where you would like to surprise him or her with a gift that they can immediately enjoy.

When you choose an SMS gift card, you also have the option to make it extra personal by adding a greeting to the gift card. Here you have both the opportunity to attach a picture, if together you have had a wonderful memory that you would like to share. You can also record a video greeting.

Large selection of SMS gift cards

If you choose a gift card to be received on your mobile, there are many options here at GoGift. We have mobile gift cards for every taste, regardless of whether the gift is to be large or small, or whether it is a gift card for him or a gift card for her. A gift card on your mobile can also be an obvious option as a corporate gift, so that your employees, customers or partners can easily receive their gift directly on the phone, where they can choose their favorite gift. We are happy to help you easily get a handle on all kinds of business gifts.

The Super Gift Card card on the mobile

If you are looking for a great gift that any recipient will be happy with, then you will definitely not regret choosing the Super Gift Card. This gift card gives the recipient the opportunity to freely choose from all gifts and gift cards on Then you are sure that the recipient can find the gift that falls perfectly in her taste.

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