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Personalized gifts

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Spoil the recipient with a personalized gift card

If you want to delight the recipient with a special gift that perfectly suits his or her desires, then it will often be an obvious choice to delight with a gift card. With a gift card, the person gets plenty of opportunities to choose some very special gifts or experiences. But even if you are given the opportunity to give some special gifts, for some it may also seem impersonal to give a gift card, even though a lot of thought has gone into it. That is why we at GoGift allow you to make a more personal gift card, so that the recipient can clearly see that this is a gift that you have been looking forward to giving.

At GoGift, you have the opportunity to make a gift card with a personal greeting to the gift recipient, and if you want, you can also put a picture on the gift card. It can be of the recipient or a picture of the two of you together. It helps to create a much more personal gift, with a little extra thought behind it. At the same time, we are also happy to help with the wrapping if you want to give the gift card in a nice silver envelope.

Many options for personalized gifts

If you want to give a personal gift, but sometimes have a hard time figuring out what exactly the recipient wants, then we have many great options here at GoGift. For example, you can give the Super Gift Card with a personal greeting. The Super Gift Card gives the recipient the opportunity to choose between all our many different gift cards for exciting experiences and popular shops and brands. The Super Gift Card is always a good idea because we offer so many different choices. We therefore have 100% something for both girls and boys, young and old, each with their own interests.

If you would like to give a slightly more specific gift, where there are still many choices, then you can also delight the recipient with one of our themed gift cards. For example, you can give the couple our weekend gift card, which gives them the opportunity to choose a wonderful stay at some of Denmark's most beautiful hotels, inns and castles. You can also give away the café and restaurant gift card so that together they can enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner and have some quality time together. So there is a good opportunity to give good personal gifts with a gift card from GoGift.

Personalized gifts for both big and small

Whether you are looking for a great gift for the grown man, or whether you are looking for the gift for the girl who has just started school, there are plenty of opportunities to give fun and personalized gifts with a gift card from GoGift. For example, delight the children with a gift card for MinBio or a trip to the cinema and include a fun picture and a nice greeting. You may also surprise the do-it-yourself man with a gift card for Silvan so he can get started on the next project. Or what about a gift card for Boxbeers, where he can choose delicious specialty beers from both Danish and foreign microbreweries? There are many options when looking for the right personalized gifts, so it's just about looking at our entire range of gift cards. Then you can definitely please the recipient.

Choose a personalized gift for your girlfriend

It can be hard to keep finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend year after year, but luckily we can help you with that at GoGift. Maybe you're a little skeptical about having to give your better half a gift card, but with all our options, it's easy to make it a little personal anyway. You probably know everything about what your girlfriend is interested in, and whatever it is food, sports, electronics, housing, wine or something completely different, then you can find a gift card that matches here.

It is also always a hit to give your girlfriend a weekend stay that offers, for example, spa experiences or relaxation in idyllic surroundings. Then you both get something out of it and you show your boyfriend that you want to spend time with him or her.

GoGift makes it easy

If you have not yet tried to buy a gift card from us, you will be amazed at how easy it is. For most gift cards, you have to choose the amount yourself, after which you just have to choose the delivery date and form and enter contact information. Do you choose to have the gift card delivered by email or SMS, then you will receive it in a few seconds. You can also choose to have us wrap it nicely and subsequently send it by post. Either way, it's easy and straightforward.

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